Did you know that a fireplace patio is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home? It’s also a wonderful way to build an outdoor space that’s both comfortable and stylish.

The problem is that it’s often difficult to create the perfect design.

That’s why we’ve put together a thorough list that’ll give you all the inspiration you need. Keep reading to learn all about the most stunning design ideas down below!

1. Natural Stone

When it comes to outdoor landscaping, nothing looks quite as good as natural stone textures. It’s why many outdoor fireplaces lean into those textures when coming up with a design.

Natural stone fireplaces make the outdoor area feel one with Mother Nature while still having clean-cut edges that suit a home. If you want your outdoor area to blend in, then the interesting textures of natural stone are a perfect choice.

There are many types of stone to choose from, including granite, marble, slate, soapstone, and limestone. Each one has a unique pattern scheme that looks great with any style of home and your fireplace patio.

If you feel unsure where to start with your fireplace design, you can’t go wrong with natural stone.

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2. Rustic Charm

One of the more unique trends is to incorporate rustic farmhouse charm into your home. If you don’t want to dive head first into this idea, trying it out with your outdoor fireplace is a great trial run.

Reclaimed wood is a beautiful foundation for this kind of style. The mixing of different woods and colors brings a cool flair to the design.

Creating a modern farmhouse fireplace patio design gives you ample opportunity to repurpose old belongings. That old pair of gardening gloves could make for an interesting decoration piece. Old flower pots work great as tables when turned upside down.

To complete the look, don’t forget to install some charming farmhouse doors or fences to the rest of the outdoor area.

You’ll feel down-to-earth and woodsy with this type of design, which is a great way to let loose some steam after a hard day!


3. Contemporary

Many homeowners love the smooth lines and simplistic elements of a contemporary design. If you’ve based your home’s interior design on a contemporary idea, why not follow that through to the outdoor area as well?

One of the things that make contemporary designs so appealing is simplicity. This allows the design to feel calm and comfortable. It also lets the fireplace stand out as the most interesting aspect without it being in the way.

It’s often difficult to come up with a simple design since it’s easy to add too many things to the idea.

Try sticking to a two-toned color palette and create shapes within the fireplace that allow the eye to move throughout the entire area. No singular element should stick out above the rest.

This makes the entire place feel cohesive and helps it to meld into the rest of your home’s design.

4. Centerpiece

It’s normal to picture a fireplace that’s set into a wall. While this is often a necessity when your fireplace is inside, you have a lot of freedom with placement outside.

Instead of designing the area around a feature wall, you can set the fireplace patio right in the center.

Not only does this give you a lot of room for customization, but it also makes it easier to create larger seating areas. Since you’ll no longer be forced to use a specific layout, you have a lot of space to play with the design.

Outdoor fire pit designs are the best choice when creating a centerpiece design. All of your guests sit at an equal distance from the fire. It’s also a lot easier to create a cohesive design when you don’t need to worry about other design elements.

Let the fireplace be the sole star of the show. It makes your life easier and it’s an effective design that doesn’t take a lot of effort to build!

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5. Artistic

Do you have a favorite painting or sculpture that makes you feel great whenever you see it? Is there an art style that helps you feel a little less stressed when you look at it?

Instead of featuring that art style inside your home, use it as the star of your outdoor design.

This is a cool way to get more color and texture into your fireplace without needing to rely on any extra steps. It’s also an easy method to get the fireplace patio to match other design elements.

If you have red artwork as your main focus, use red cushions for your outdoor seating to make the entire area feel cohesive.

You can choose a large artwork to place above the mantel or smaller art pieces to place on the sides of the fireplace. Mix and match different styles or use your own artwork to bring in even more character.

One of the best things about including your favorite art pieces into the design is that it makes the fireplace feel more special. It shows off your unique style and voice. You’ll never find a fireplace patio that looks the same!

6. Cozy Veranda

To make your fireplace patio even more inviting, turn it into an enclosed space. This keeps all of the cozy warmth collected inside and makes the entire area feel like a secretive getaway.

Using screens is a useful way to get that enclosed feeling without losing your connection to nature. You’ll still feel like you’re sitting outside without needing to worry about the weather or uninvited bugs bothering you.

For even more versatility, install covers for the screens so that you can close off the space whenever you want. This way you’ll have added privacy in addition to the outdoorsy atmosphere.

With an enclosed veranda, you’ll get to use your outdoor fireplace all year long!

7. Layered Brick

Using layered bricks is one of the best outdoor fireplace patio designs you can create.

The bricks look good and create textures that draw the eye. You can customize the layering or mix and match brick colors for a unique style. Plus, bricks are one of the cheaper options available on the market.

A popular trend is to layer the bricks to create an unconventional shape to surround the fireplace. By gradually adding or removing bricks per layer, you can create triangular and circular shapes without any extra tools.

This lowers the cost and makes the result look extraordinary. You’ll get a similar look to natural stone while having the capability for even more customization.

One of the biggest benefits of using bricks is the fact that they’re easy to replace if they’re damaged. This makes it a breeze to keep your fireplace up and running all year long without lengthy repair delays.

8. Painted Brick

Sometimes we love the classic appearance of a brick fireplace but want to add something new into the mix. Perhaps you like the look of brickwork but want the color to blend in with the rest of your white home.

All you need to do is paint those bricks with the appropriate paint and you have a whole new style to enjoy. Painted brick gives you all of the versatility of regular layered brick while adding even more customization.

You can paint all of the bricks one color or only paint a few to add some accents to the design. You can create a herringbone pattern or only paint between the bricks to make them stand out even more. The choices are endless once the bricks are installed.

9. Blending Styles

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick a single design for your fireplace patio landscaping. The good news is that it’s possible to mix and match different styles to create something innovative.

While the traditional thing is to focus on a single style, many homeowners love the look of contrasting design elements. It’s an eye-catching and interesting trend.

For example, if you like the rustic style of wooden paneling and the strength of industrial patterns, feel free to use both. The wood panels create a great background for the metal details, without either looking out of place.

It’s important to think about the design as a whole when you want to incorporate several ideas. Sketch it out on paper or create a mock-up on the computer. This gives you a good idea of the design without committing a lot of time to the home renovation.

There’s never a wrong answer when it comes to building a design. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that makes you happy!

Take Your Time Creating the Perfect Fireplace Patio

The main thing to keep in mind is that the perfect fireplace patio design takes time to create. Weigh the pros and cons of each design idea until you find the right fit for your home. Never settle for something you’re not in love with so that you enjoy your time outside to the fullest.

The best part is that there’s a perfect patio design out there for everyone!

Make sure to check out our outdoor fireplace services once you’ve settled on your dream design. We’ll help you turn those dreams into a reality!