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Whether you own a home or are in the process of purchasing your very first home, there are many factors that you want to pay attention to if you are looking to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior design. It is a well-known fact that pavers add a whole new dimension to your landscape. They create a solid surface for you to either entertain or simply unwind after a long day. It is important to be mindful that if pavers are not installed correctly, you could have bigger problems on your hands.

Issues like settling, standing water, or migrating edges all pose a threat to disrupt the landscape of your home. This is why here at Patriot Landscape we make every effort to ensure that paver installation runs smoothly and without any qualms. We like to provide you with some helpful advice and guidelines that our professionals adhere to when installing pavers for our loyal customers.

Planning For Paver Installation

As with anything, having a plan eases any distress when preparing for either a monumental or trivial change or adjustment. Patriot Landscape professionals compile a checklist of materials and tasks before they start any project. In this case, paver installation is the primary objective and requires particular attention to detail and proper use of equipment and materials. You want to have any underground utilities marked before excavating commences.

This will save you any additional trouble or costs if, say, pipes underground are hit with heavy, crushing force. Get an approximate number of how many pavers you want and always add in a few extras in the event one breaks or allows for cuts that might have to be made on edges or around curved areas.

Prepare The Base

The next phase we move into is preparing a proper base for the paver project. Determine and mark all outside dimensions. An additional few inches are factored into the original dimensions to allow for a solid base and the addition of a paving restraint. We then properly compact the soil and base materials to safeguard the long-term performance of the paver.

Installing Pavers

The finished surface should be as consistent as possible and slope away from the foundation of the home, to provide proper drainage. Patriot Landscape practices the best method for achieving a smooth surface by placing two 1 inch pipes on top of the compacted dense grade aggregate. We add sand and finally use a piece of two by four to rake level the sand. We aim to put as little pressure as possible on the outside edges of the paver surface.

The Finished Project

Afterward, we are left with several cuts to fill in the edges. Pavers are marked and cut with a masonry saw or paver splitter. Once we are sure that the edges of the project will not move or separate our final step is to place sand into paver joints. Paver installation is complete and you are ready to enjoy your outdoor area.

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Patriot Landscape is trusted by numerous patrons for its expert work, especially when it comes to paver installation. Through our services, we feel more than confident that you’ll be satisfied with the pavers we’ll apply to your property.

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