Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Patriot Landscape offers a wide range of additional amenities for your backyard. A popular one we extend to customers is the fire pit. 

Customers generally have a hard time deciding whether or not a fire pit or fireplace is the best option for your living space. Each added feature provides warmth on chilly nights along with light, relaxation, and a visual focal point. There are distinct differences between the two that you should be aware of before you make any purchases. 

You want to take into account how many people you would like to accommodate, your property’s view, either a wood-burning or gas-powered preference, or if your property is affected by wind. All these factors will help you to determine which of the two, either a fire pit or fireplace are the right fit for your property. Our team of hardscape contractors will provide you with the most accurate and amount of information to ease your decision.

Our hardscape contractors want to transform all your ideas into reality all the while being mindful of your budget. When hiring our team of professionals at Patriot Landscape we don’t want it to be challenging or end with bad results. We send out certified professionals with the proper credentials needed to do the job. Once you meet our dedicated hardscape contractor you are ready to move into the installation phase of either a fire pit or fireplace.

For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on fire pits instead of fireplaces. 

The installation of fire pits may seem daunting, but with the right group of experts, no challenge is too difficult to meet. We will send out a hardscape contractor to meet you and evaluate your property to help determine the best location and shape of your fire pit. You will be presented with structure options to select from that meet your needs and desires. 

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What Can Our Hardscape Contractor Install?

We offer stone and concrete paver fire pits, but the style and shape of your pit will determine the types of blocks that will be used in construction. For example, fire pit rings need trapezoidal blocks. These blocks are narrower on one side and allow for the edges to fit together for a circle without gaps. Meanwhile, a square fire pit uses rectangular blocks and can be constructed in different patterns with blocks in diverse shapes and sizes.

After you decide upon the constituents of the fire pit we will take it upon ourselves to outline the footprint of the fire pit. Components like diameter, dimensions, and perimeter are all measured exactly in order to cement the first layer of blocks onto the patio and prevent shifting.

From there we add gravel on top of the compacted dirt to create the base of your fire pit. We pour a significant amount of crushed gravel paver base into the hole so the finished base will measure out to be a certain level of thickness. We then wet the gravel thoroughly with a garden hose and then compact it into a hard layer a few inches below the surface. Our hardscape contractor will check the base at several points to ensure it is level – if not, he or she will make the necessary adjustments. Our team will lay out the first layer of blocks on top of the level gravel base. It is important for the sides of the blocks to be touching for maximum support. 

As we move around the perimeter of the hole with the blocks we continuously check the layer in several places to see if the structure is even. When the first layer is complete, we then begin to assemble the second level of blocks and so on.

The bowl and insert rings of the fire pit come in several sizes, so during this phase, we check to see if the bowl or rings fit. If the bowl or rings fit, and it is necessary to maybe make some slight adjustments, we do so. As we wrap up our project we use construction adhesive between the layers of blocks to secure them in place.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to fire pits is they typically have three or four rows of blocks. It isn’t common to see anything more than that on a regular basis. Patriot Landscape keeps you informed during the entire process of constructing your fire pit and never wants you to feel left out. You are more than welcome to ask our hardscape contractors any questions you like and discuss each phase of the construction.

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Fire Pits - Patriot Landscape Solutions
Fire Pits - Patriot Landscape Solutions
Fire Pits - Patriot Landscape Solutions
Fire Pits Hardscaping - Patriot Landscape Solutions
Fire Pits - Landscape Design - Patriot Landscaping Solutions

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