Our wood pavilions offer a classic wood look that will last for generations to come. Pavilions are perfect for all types of locations and have a wide appeal for all occasions. If you are looking to fill your backyard space for a party, wedding, or just sitting around on a cool summer night a pavilion is a must for your backyard. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the shade and watching the world go by.

Pavilions Patriot Landscape Solutions

Pavilions Information

Living in Florida has many upsides. For one, the weather is always warm which leaves more of an opportunity for outdoor activities. Most Florida homes, if you notice, have pools in the backyard or some type of designated sitting area to relax and talk amongst family and friends.

If you are seeking a new home in Florida, make sure to look into the different backyard amenities these homes offer to their residents. You might see a pavilion or other decorative buildings used as a shelter for a large garden. These sorts of structures are flexible pieces of architecture that offer open space. More so, they invite guests and friends to sit down and spend time amongst others who are visiting your house.

Pavilions serve many different purposes, but the common denominator involves people spending quality time together in an outdoor setting. Patriot Landscape offers wood pavilions that are known to last for generations. So if a quality pavilion is what you are seeking, be sure to contact us and we can explain everything you need to know when you hire us to redesign your backyard landscape.

Backyard Patio Installation

What most people tend to forget, when it comes to inserting a pavilion in their backyard, is what needs to happen beforehand. Patio installation is the first step in the process of adding a pavilion to your home. Installing a patio, if you don’t already have one, has the potential to change an ordinary outdoor space into a desirable gathering area. At Patriot Landscape Solutions, we use pavers to create your patio because it is the most economical way and allows you to select from different shapes, sizes, and colors. See full details down below. When we begin the process of patio installation, we find it easy to follow our company’s standard protocols. That way we know we will have done the job correctly, effectively, and efficiently.

When you are ready to add a pavilion to your backyard landscape, you can reach us by phone at 850-517-0112. From there you will discuss with one of our experienced representatives the steps Patriot Landscape Solutions will be taking to meet your standards.

The Patio Installation Process

First, we design and plan. We will meet with our client to determine the size of the pavilion, the personal style preferred any constraints, and budget. Once the design and planning are complete, we will enter the next stage of scheduling. During this phase, we generally have the final pavilion design in hand, and our team acquires the necessary materials and schedules a date for your pavilion installation. After we are set on a mutually agreed date with our client, our installation crew will show up on time and ready to go.

Our team will prepare the area for the pavilion and then lay the base. Keep in mind this installation is a multi-day project and our workers always find the most appropriate stopping point to clean the area before leaving. By the last day of installation, our team will discuss with you to make sure the final products are everything you wanted and more. When everything is agreed upon, we clean up the area before leaving.

We always leave our customers with a ready-to-use finished product. We also provide maintenance instructions, if necessary, should you run into any issues.

As a full-service landscape design company, we provide landscape design services in the Florida Panhandle.

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  • Miramar Beach
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