Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

If you are a sports fan, you are likely familiar with the term artificial turf, a surface made of synthetic fibers that are made to look like natural grass. Artificial turf is another playing surface used mostly for teams playing within indoor facilities. There are a few exceptions in which artificial turf is used in an outdoor playing environment, too; it just isn’t as common.

Regardless of where you need it, the experts over at Patriot Landscape can help provide you with professional artificial turf installation.

Artificial Turf Installation
Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf for Lawns
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Why Artificial Turf Installation?

Today, we are seeing more and more residential homes using artificial turf as a means for lawns and commercial applications. The main reason artificial turf has become so popular is for the mere simplicity of maintenance. Turf has the ability to stand up to heavy use and requires no irrigation or trimming. Think of how much time and effort are saved through the use of turf. That is key to most homeowners looking to spruce up their curb appeal who may not have the time, energy, or capability to keep up with landscaping care.

Patriot Landscape offers artificial turf installation throughout Florida and walks you through the process. We encourage you to follow the best practices to maintain your turf, even though it doesn’t require much of your effort. If you want your turf to last for many years to come, it would be in your best interest to perform routine maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Why Patriot Landscape?

All Patriot Landscape personnel are fully trained, equipped, and certified to install artificial turf for your home. The process begins with ground preparations that include the removal of a portion of the existing landscape. We combine it with crushed rock and then spread and compact it to create a sturdy base. The artificial grass is then laid and secured in place. We use quality glue and staples to avoid the grass pieces falling apart.

Finally, we infill the synthetic grass with rubber and sand composite. Our professionals at Patriot Landscape make certain that the artificial turf is installed properly down to the very last detail. Patriot Landscape’s team always leaves the site clean and beautiful for you to enjoy. You can call us at 850-517-0112 and refer to the steps listed below for more in-depth instructions.

  • Design Phase
  • Ground Preparation
  • Artificial Grass Installation
  • Artificial Grass Infill
  • Clean-Up

Over the phone, we are more than willing to go over each step in further detail to answer any of your questions or concerns. If you would like instead, you can reach out to us through our website and by filling out a form. You can also find and like us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information on Patriot Landscape.

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Don’t keep putting off your landscaping needs. If you have the budget and are willing to put your trust in us, there is no need to worry. Patriot Landscape is here for you.

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