Spending time in the great outdoors at night can improve your sleep, help combat depression, and boost your immune system. There is no better way to spend time outside than by the crackling fire in your own outdoor fireplace. There are many benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace, below are just some.

People have used the warmth and safety of fire for centuries. Bringing an outdoor fireplace to your house can bring people together and offer warmth on chilly nights.

Are you on the fence about installing an outdoor fireplace in your yard? Let us convince you otherwise with the eleven best reasons to add this feature to your home.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

First and foremost, an outdoor fireplace will turn your yard into an outdoor oasis. You’ll have hundreds of outdoor fireplace options to choose from when planning your design. Make your fireplace the focal point of your patio and add comfortable seating around it.

Finish your look off with outdoor accent pillows and large potted plants. Your house will look like it is straight out of a magazine. Aesthetics is one of the most popular benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace.

2. Brings Warmth

Outdoor fireplaces are very good at providing warmth on even the chilliest nights. If you are someone who lives in a colder area, you’ll love curling up by your outdoor fireplace in the fall and winter.

You can always add a propane or electric heater to your yard, but they are inefficient and expensive. An outdoor fireplace will give off much warmer and more inviting heat.

3. Perfect for Entertaining

If you love to host, an outdoor fireplace is a no-brainer element to add to your house. You can encourage people to gather outside all year round. People hanging out around an outdoor fire will be more likely to chat and socialize.

These fireplaces make it easier to host outdoors in months that otherwise would be too cold. Provide hot drinks and appetizers, and make your outdoor fireplace the focal point. Your guests will get a kick out of bundling up and enjoying an evening outside. Benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace have to have entertaining neat the top of the list.

Outdoor Fireplaces With Chimney 

4. Outdoor Cooking

Cooking over an open flame isn’t only reserved for camping! Your outdoor fireplace will double as a great cooking option. Grab a hotdog or marshmallow and have fun roasting them over the open flame.

5. Raises Property Value

Although an outside fireplace can be expensive initially, it can help make a sale when you are ready to move on. Many homebuyers see an outdoor fireplace as an appealing quality to have in their new homes.

If you want to up the ante, consider adding a patio space with high-quality outdoor furniture. Potential buyers won’t be able to resist the beautiful spot you have created.

6. Reduces Stress

Installing an outdoor fireplace can help you feel more relaxed. Picture yourself coming home stressed out after a long day. What better way to unwind than with a warm drink by the cozy outside fire.

Fire has qualities that can help decrease stress levels in people. The bright colors, soft crackling, and smokey aroma will all help put you in a relaxed state. One of the less thought of benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace is reducing stress.

7. Natural Lighting

Artificial lighting will be a thing of the past when installing an outdoor fireplace. Even in the darkest night, your fire will give off plenty of light.

Lighting can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your outdoor area. If there is no light source, your space will be much harder to use. Your wood-burning fireplace will stay bright for as long as you like if you have enough wood to keep it going.

8. Family Time

Take a break from screens and get outside using your outdoor fireplace. You can have fun and relax with your family by slowing down and enjoying each other’s company.

Have fun with your family by cooking a yummy treat over the fire. Light your outdoor fire in the morning and make campfire cinnamon roll-ups together.

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar together. Open a tube of pre-packaged crescent rolls. Separate them and roll them around the end of a skewer.

Roll the skewers in the cinnamon sugar mix. Over the fire, rotate the skewer for five minutes. Enjoy your breakfast hot!

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9. Romantic Atmosphere

There is no better place to spend an evening with your loved one than an outdoor fireplace. Catch up with your significant other over the soothing sounds of the fire. You can snuggle up close with a blanket and a hot cup of cocoa if it’s chilly out. One of the popular benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace, especially during our Florida sunsets.

10. Low Maintenance

There is at least a little maintenance involved with fireplaces, but an outside version takes less effort than an inside one. A fireplace flue is a hollow area where smoke gets directed through. Because outdoor fireplaces are outside, they don’t need a long chimney.

You’ll have to clean the ash from your fireplace every time you use it. If you don’t, the ash can accumulate and spill onto your outdoor space.

Cleaning your fireplace couldn’t be easier. First, suck up all the loose soot using an outdoor wet-dry vacuum. If there are any leaves or debris, suck those up too.

Once a season, you should do a deep clean of your fireplace. Take a bucket of warm, soapy water and a scrub brush. Scrub the inside of the fireplace and let it dry.

If you have many trees or weeds around your fireplace, keep them trimmed back. Overgrowth can be a fire hazard if not taken care of.

11. Goodbye Bugs Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Nothing ruins a nice night outside like the buzz of mosquitos or other bugs. The smoke from your outdoor fireplace is a great natural bug repellant. You can even burn certain woods to boost the bug-deterring power of your fireplace. This is one of the really good benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace, especially in Florida.

Outdoor Fireplace Tips

Although it is exciting to jump in, there are a few things to keep in mind before building your outdoor fireplace. Keep your building process on track with a well-designed plan. When considering the benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace Patriot Landscape Solutions will work with you hand and hand through the design phase to make sure your vision comes to life.

Decide on the Purpose

Before you build, know exactly what you intend on using your fireplace for. The most used purpose will impact the outdoor space design.

If you want your outdoor fireplace for entertaining, have lots of seating around the area. Will cooking be your fireplace’s primary job? If so, keep a small table with cooking utensils and storage nearby. Our years of experience help you uncover the benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace that are specific to your project.

Type of Outdoor Fireplace

You can buy an outdoor fireplace pre-made, have it professionally built, or do the job yourself. Most wood-burning outdoor fireplaces are freestanding. If you want to buy a gas fireplace, you’ll need a company to help install a new gas line.

Outdoor Fireplace Materials
There are many different materials to use for your outdoor fireplace. Some of the following are the most popular choices:

  • brick
  • stone
  • concrete
  • stucco

Each of these materials is heat-resistant. Try an outdoor fireplace made of stone or brick for a more rustic look. If a modern fireplace is more your style, go for one made of concrete.

Check Local Codes

Before you get going on your build, make sure to check your state and local building codes. You want to ensure there are no restrictions to having an outdoor fireplace. Most regulations require a certain distance between the fireplace and buildings. The good thing about working with Patriot Landscape Solutions is that we take care of all of this for you.

Location, Location, Location

When planning where to put your fireplace, you must consider aesthetics and safety. Attach your patio to your deck and make it part of your home. Consider putting it near the water to give off extra light for night swims if you have a pool.

You don’t have to keep your fireplace near your house. If you have a big yard, make a patio away from your home and make the outdoor fireplace the focal piece.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Elements

Your outdoor fireplace can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. Add a mantle, decorative tiles, or a bigger hearth for extra style.

Keep the size of your fireplace proportionate to your house. If you have a larger home and host many parties, go larger with your fireplace.

Do you prefer more intimate gatherings? If you do, a smaller fireplace will do the trick.

Landscaping For Your Outdoor Fireplace

You’ll need a level area to build your outdoor fireplace on. A landscape contractor can help slope your land. They can also take care of any branches or shrubs nearby and will know how to avoid utility lines.

Get Year-Round Use of Your Yard With an Outside Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to bring warmth and coziness to your outdoor area. They create a cozy atmosphere for evenings with friends and family or just to unwind after a long day. We can discuss the benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace with you that specifically apply to your project.

If you are ready to add an outdoor fireplace to your yard, Patriot Landscape Solutions can help. Request a free estimate today to get the process started.