So you have decided you want to install a fire pit in your yard but have no idea where to start. Although some weekend warriors will be inclined to try to DIY the process it is always recommended to hire professional services for your Paver Patio With Fire Pit in Florida. You do not want to begin a do-it-yourself installation and realize that you do not have the right materials or have made a grave mistake. 


The first step in installing a paver patio with a fire pit in Florida is to determine the layout. Once you have a plan, you will then need to temporarily spray paint your yard with where you plan to install your fire pit and paver patio. This will serve as a placeholder during installation and also give you a sense of where everything will be placed on your property. 


The next step is to begin digging. You will need to remove any weeds and uproot grass that could potentially cause problems down the line. You will want to be sure that enough space is left for the paver base, the sand, and the depth of the paver. 

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Paver Base

After the appropriate area has been dug up, the next step in installing a paver patio with a fire pit in Florida is to lay the paver base. You will need to rake the base, especially near the edges to ensure it is even. Once it looks even you will need to tamper down the base. 


Once the base is flattened, you can then add a layer of sand, which will help create a leveled surface once you tamper it.

It is advised to check the base using a level. Of course, if you hire a professional hardscaper this will all be done for you. 

Put Down Pavers

The next step is to lay down the paver patio with a fire pit in Florida. You should begin on the outside edge and lay them from one side to the other. As you lay each paver down you must ensure the spacing and placement is even with the other pavers. You will also need to leave small gaps between each paver. 


While you are laying down the pavers and fire pit be sure to add some stylish elements. It should reflect your style and the theme of your home. This may mean adding smaller pavers throughout or even different colored pacers. 

Add Sand

One of the last things to do is to add sand. You will need to spread the sand into the cracks of the paver area. You may also need to add sod or gravel in some places. Lastly, you will need to wash the pavers using a water hose, which will ensure they are properly placed, have a reduced risk of joint washout, and have a reduced risk of weed growth.

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