Whether you are looking to sell your home or spruce up the landscaping for your own personal reasons there are plenty of ways to do so. For any residential home to succeed in its physical appeal, it needs to be presented in a clean, colorful, and welcoming way. The first part of any home or building that people notice is the landscape.

Having a nice landscape not only looks appealing but complements your property. The outward appearance is beautiful while inside complex and moving parts enable a smooth function. If you are new to the world of landscaping, there is no need to worry. Ten tips to consider for residential hardscapers to create a beautiful home landscape are listed below to assist you in achieving success.

1. Making an Entrance

Be sure to make a great first impression since the entrance is the first part of your home that people will see when they pass by or arrive. The right landscaping features will catch the eye of anyone so it is important to have a welcoming vibe that brings people in.

2. Focal Points

A focal point is what directs your sight towards the right design choices. Generally, focal points induce emotions like interest or surprise. Common focal points you might see are statues or fountains.

3. Plantings

Having the appropriate plants when it comes to displaying your property is key. Plants that are natural to your living conditions, climate, soil, and amount of sunlight help establish your landscape.

4. Contrast

Why not consider planting a diverse color selection of plants? Instead of only planting a large group of one specific color of flowers, look to create contrast by adding a variety.

5. Movement

Successful residential hardscapers should know that adding movement can also attract attention. Movement does not have to be extravagant. Pieces of garden art and grasses or trees that wave in a breeze will do just fine.

6. Hide Items With Your Landscaping

Think about anything you don’t want to be seen in your landscape. Residential hardscapers have to take the procedures to hide anything they find that diminishes the beauty of their landscape. Air conditioners and electrical boxes can be easily hidden behind bushes or trees.

7. Flow

Plan ahead when you are in the beginning stages of your design because you want to have a smooth flow of traffic for travel along the pathway. Residential hardscapers need to know how to keep guests from stomping on their landscape or even tripping and falling.

8. Seasons

Work with the seasons, if applicable, to establish your landscape during the entire year. Spring and summer are when everything blooms but during the fall and winter, the weather isn’t ideal. Residential hardscapers still have their property to tend if they want to keep up and eliminate double the work when the weather becomes nice again.

9. Conserve

Planting trees or other shrubs near your home can cut air conditioning costs. These plants provide shade and can protect from wind. Water usage can also benefit from the decrease of soil erosion just from plantings near your home.

10. Safety

Consider space between plants to avoid tripping hazards. Appropriate lighting should be in all areas of traffic flow.

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