The weather is perfect to spend time outside on the patio. However, after staying indoors for some time now your patio space may not be entirely ready for entertainment. You may be due for a complete patio makeover.

We have found three of the best ways to transform your patio when you have no idea where to start. Some homeowners may opt to simply redecorate with a new theme using pillows and furniture pieces, while other makeovers require the assistance of Panama City Beach, FL pavers.


When you want to expand your patio space, you may want to lay down stone patio tiles. You can place these next to a deck or other structure to expand the space. This allows you to have more entertaining space without adding another structure. Pavers come in different styles, shapes, and sizes.

Once laid, you can add colorful elements like an outdoor rug or ottoman. You should discuss your ideas with your Panama City Beach, FL pavers to find the best use of space for your patio. They will be able to guide you on the best materials and colors to use on your patio.


There are several ways you can showcase plants and greenery. One of those methods is to create a tiered display. You can take an old ladder and add some shelves where you can display herbs, flowers, and veggies. This can be a fun DIY project. You can also display greenery with a gallery wall. You can even attach flat-backed planters to slats on your fence.

If a gallery wall is too much, you can opt for a flower box. It is a simple way to add some color to your fence. Potted plants can also be added, along with trailing vines and hanging planters.

If you need help installing gallery walls or other elements you should contact Panama City Beach, FL pavers.


We mentioned pavers before but there are other types of flooring you can add to your patio that will give it a refreshed look. If you want to go bold you should try geometric flooring. You can actually paint a geometric design to your existing flooring to refresh the space instead of installing new tiles.

You may also want to consider brick flooring. Brick flooring has a long lifespan compared to other materials.

Pavers also look great with most patio designs along with tiles as they are another great way to transform your patio space. Tiles do require more maintenance but they can bring your space to life.

Keep in mind that your furniture and other theming elements should be considered when laying down tiles.

Other Patio Ideas

There are other elements you can add to your patio that can spruce up space like adding accessories. You can also create a small bar or small table. The decor can really make all the difference in giving your patio new life. You may also want to discuss adding a fountain with your Panama City Beach, FL pavers.

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