So you want a paver installer in Miramar Beach, FL, but have no idea where to begin. Here is a guide to how pavers are installed and where to begin.

Pavers, depending on the amount of space they will be taking up, can be done in one weekend but can take much longer if there are any underlying issues or a lot of space to work on.

Pavers are meant to withstand heavy foot traffic and do not require a lot of maintenance. There are also a variety of paver materials you can choose from including brick, concrete, stone, and travertine. It is best to discuss these options with your paver installer in Miramar Beach, FL, prior to the beginning of the project.

Clear Out Soil And Grass

Among the first things, you will need to do when installing pavers is to prepare the area. You will need to have a layout planned out and ensure all measurements are correct. You may want to spray paint or mark the area where the pavers will be installed. You will also need to remove any grass or soul that is in the area to make space for the pavers.

Install Paver Base

Next will be to have a paver installer in Miramar Beach, FL begin the installation process starting with the base. If you are doing it yourself you will need to use several tools to lay down the paver base and solidify it.

Time For Sand

Next will be the addition of sand to the surface. This is done so that the base is sturdy and even for the pavers. At this step, you will need to ensure that the entire surface is leveled.

Place The Pavers

You will then be able to begin the paver installation process by placing each individual paver in the designated area. During this process, you may need to cut pavers in order to make them fit the space as some may be larger than the space provided.

Add Stones or Edging

The last step is to add edging stones to give your pavers a clean and finished look. There are a variety of options and not every project will include edging stones.

Hire Patriot Landscape For The Best Paver Installation Services in Florida

Installing pavers on your own may not be completed in a weekend if you do not have the right tools or knowledge. Regardless of the kind of hardscaping project, you will be working on, you will need to hire a paver installer in Miramar Beach, FL.

A common misconception that do-it-yourselfers have is that any project can be completed for less money without a professional. This is not always true as making a mistake can often lead to more money leaving your pocket down the line. When you need to hire a paver installer in Miramar Beach, FL, you need to call Patriot Landscape at 850-517-0112 today or use the Request an Estimate form online.