One good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that many people spent more time at home and decided to invest in making their spaces exactly how they always dreamed. This is especially true of their outdoor spaces. After being cooped up indoors for long periods of time, many homeowners have looked to create extra living space outdoors.

A great way to add more living space to your yard is by installing a paver patio. Not only do they give you a new place to hang out or a new spot to work from home, but they can also really add value to your home. Not to mention, they can be quite beautiful. Once you decide to install a paver patio on your property, contact a professional landscaping service to help. Here are a few tips you can use to prepare your lawn for paver patio installation.

Marking Up and Preparing The Area

Paver patio installation begins with measuring and marking out the area where the patio will be. Before you meet with your landscape designer, have the area in mind where you want it to go and take measurements to make sure they can design something that fits perfectly. Once you have a design figured out, they will mark it up in the physical space and need to dig out the soil in the area. If the area currently has long grass around it, you should cut the turf into strips with a spade and roll it up. This method allows you to save the turf and use it for filling any gaps between the new patio and the lawn if there are any after the materials are installed.

Prepare The Underneath of Paving Slabs with a Sub-Base

It is essential to place something underneath the paving slabs. The most crucial element of paver patio installation is establishing a sub-base that provides the support that the paving slabs need. A sub-base is a primary load-bearing layer for the patio. The best sub-base for a paver patio is hardcore that is laid to the correct depth, along with a binding layer of sand.

After the sub-base is established, the pavers need to be laid on mortar with some sand and cement. This step is also crucial in the paver patio installation process. It is vital to make sure that the base is completely flat and level, otherwise, everything placed on top of it will not be level.

Make the Mortar

The next step in the paver patio installation process is making the mortar. To make the mortar, you must mix five parts of building sand with one part of cement until the component becomes a mixed, dough-like object. Your landscaping contractor will be able to accomplish this mix perfectly. After the mortar is created, they will need to spray the slabs with water from a spray bottle to dampen them. Once the slabs are prepped, the installer will take a trowel and use it to scoop a dollop of mortar where the center of the first slab is. It is always important to remember to start in the corner and work outwards when paving.

Leveling Up

From this point, they will continue to lay the slabs in rows and leave at least ten-millimeter gaps between each slab. As the experts continue the paver patio installation process, make sure to check that the slabs are level by placing an additional level over them. This method is much easier than resolving any issues with unevenness later. After reviewing the levels, allow the paver patio to dry for at least 24 hours and make sure not to walk over to the patio. Once the paver patio has finished drying, they will complete the job by using mortar to fill in the remaining gaps.

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