As a homeowner, you may live in a neighborhood where everyone is competing for the best landscape design and you want to enter the race by increasing your property’s curb appeal. You think this is an easy task — after all, how hard is it to plant some flowers and cut the grass? But there is a lot more that goes into landscape design aside from planting some flowers and cutting grass. There are a lot of other elements that should be considered and that is where a landscape designer comes in.

Make a Plan

You may think that it will be easy to increase your landscape design curb appeal by simply planting flowers and bushes all around. This can be a costly mistake that can leave you with a mishmash for a landscape design. This can actually decrease your curb appeal and your property value.

The best route to take instead is to hire a landscape designer who can make a master plan and ensure your landscape is in tip-top shape. A designer will be able to draw a plan that flows into your front yard and your backyard. Costs can vary by the project’s size and scale, so keep this in mind when you meet with a designer.

Path to The Backyard

You will want to leave a path to the backyard for several reasons, and you should discuss this with your landscape designer. You may throw an event or party someday and will want your guests to have a clear path so they are not stepping over shrubs and bushes.

Remove Obstructions

You may do some landscaping work in your backyard in the future that requires heavy machinery like installing a pool. This will require those machines to move through your yard. If there are bushes or shrubs in the way, they may need to be taken out for the machines to get through. This means you will then have to replant these leading to more costs.

Plants Are Important

The key to any landscape is the plants and other plant life. The most important thing for a healthy plant is to have good soil. You will need to have your soil tested to determine what kind of plants you can grow.

Certain plants thrive in certain conditions so knowing this information helps your landscape designer choose the best plant life for your soil. You will also need to consider the amount of maintenance that is required for plant life. If you are looking for something low maintenance you must be sure this is addressed prior to planting.

Colors Are Key

As with anything related to your home, you will need to consider the color theme. Homes typically go with a more casual look instead of a formal garden that requires plants to be all lined up in a row. You should repeat your selected colors but not overdo them either; you will need to find balance.

You will also want to consider seasonal changes. A plant can be one color during the summer and another during the winter.

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