Over the years, fire pits have become quite popular among backyards. A fire pit varies in shape and size but is either dug into the ground or takes the form of stone, brick, or metal structure. It is slightly different from a fireplace, which is where people tend to question the route to go; ordering a fire pit or fireplace for their backyard activities?

While they both provide similar warmth and relaxation, certain differences need to be taken into account for the optimal experience. Where you live can say a lot about how you choose which company meets your fire pit installation desires.

Patriot Landscape is ready to meet your fire pit installation preferences and will take every step to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

The Number of People You Are Looking to Accommodate

An outdoor fireplace can suit a few people and a large gathering. On the other hand, a fire pit entertains with its 360-degree angle and encourages a casual environment. For proper fire pit installation, you must ask yourself what your future plans entail.

Are you going to have large gatherings or a few people? Or are you looking for more of a casual setting? Once you make your decision you can move forward with the fireplace or fire pit installation.

Property Views

Is your home in a secluded area? On a lake? More rural? If that is the case, a fire pit is exactly what you may be looking for if you want to show off your property views. When you are ready for fire pit installation see that it is positioned low to the ground and in an area where the view is free from obstruction.

It is fun to add decorative elements to a fireplace, but unfortunately, that is not a possibility for fire pits since they are situated differently.

Wood Burning or Gas Powered

More so a preference rather than a necessity, deciding between wood-burning or gas-powered fireplaces and pits is a debate that takes place frequently.

Some people like the smell of wood-burning and that leaves others who prefer gas-powered fireplaces or pits. If you are teetering in between, or it doesn’t make any difference to you, a fireplace is good for preserving a wood-burning smell and remaining the focal point of the gathering. A fire pit can also offer a wood-burning smell but won’t divert attention away from your surroundings.

One other piece of information to hold onto is that weather conditions like wind can affect a fire pit since it is open, and the flames are susceptible to go out. A fireplace is enclosed leaving the wind to have no effect on the flames.

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