There is no denying that a paver patio has an incredibly chic look and can add style to any home. Some homeowners may be in the process of having patio pavers installed or are looking to install some patio pavers. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, it goes without saying that you probably want the best of the best for this important project.

After all, this is your home we’re dealing with and you want the best company delivering the highest quality work. The problem is, how do you know who the best company is in regards to installing patio pavers? What are some distinct traits to look for? Here are some things to look for when choosing a company to install patio pavers in your home.

Is the Company Licensed?

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a patio paver company is whether that company is licensed or not. When a patio pavers company is licensed, it is easier to trust that the staff knows what they are doing and how to get it done within a specific timeframe. A licensed company can also work on any type of project, including some projects that may require a city permit.

Is the Company Insured?

Another key characteristic to look for when searching for a quality pavers company is whether the company is insured. This is very important, especially if one of the workers is injured within your home. They can possibly pursue legal action because the company was not adequately insured. At the very least, the company should have workers’ comp and liability insurance.

Stellar Reputation

In the business world – and life – your reputation precedes you. If you searched a company’s reviews on Google or Yelp and noticed that the company has a majority of 2-star reviews, how excited are you to work with that company? Not very excited at all. Before consulting with a patio pavers company, do not forget to check out their reviews on various websites. Or even better, speak with someone you know that has used the company to install patio pavers in their home. Reviews offer insight into a company and can save us some trouble if the company does not possess excellent customer service.

Written Estimates/Contracts

Another characteristic you want to pay attention to in a patio pavers company is whether the company utilizes written forms like contracts and estimates to keep a documented record of all transactions. Every transaction between you and the company must be in writing, from the free estimate to the contract detailing the type of work the company is responsible for performing. Establishing a paper trail is beneficial for both yourself and the company. If there is miscommunication or a misunderstanding between the involved parties (which naturally happens), a copy of the estimate or the contract can be revisited at any time and help clear up any misconceptions.

Free Estimate Call

A final crucial characteristic to look for in a patio pavers company is excellent customer service. To get a quick glimpse into how professional the company is, you can pay attention to how professional the representative is during the first phone call. Many patio paver companies offer a free estimate. If the representative responds professionally to your request for a free estimate, it is a good sign of things to come. If there is any tension or if the representative is unprofessional, the rest of the experience may not be pleasant.

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