Regardless of where you live, most of us enjoy the aesthetics that a fire pit creates. A fire pit helps to create a warm and cozy ambiance in any environment. Like candles, the glow of a fire from a fire pit adds a little warmth to the atmosphere. A fire pit is one of those landscaping designs that serve multiple purposes.

It can provide a comfortable space for people who want to read or spend time outside in the backyard but do not want to freeze. It can also be a fantastic tool for cooking food over a flame. At the same time, it creates a beautiful focal point for your yard. Whatever your reason for adding a fire pit to your backyard, here are some steps that you will need to take when doing a fire pit installation in the Florida Panhandle.

Select the Location and Shape of the Fire Pit

Fire pit installation starts with selecting the safest location to place the fire pit. Residents need to install the fire pit in an area that is free from any fire hazards like low-hanging trees. It is best to consult with a professional who can help point out any potential dangers. Next, you will want to consider the materials used to make the fire pit. The type of materials that you will need to pick out is dependent upon the style and shape that you want for your fire pit. Luckily, the design options are endless.

Mark and Prepare the Fire Pit Location

The next step of fire pit installation involves outlining the work area with some type of marking signal. If you plan to make your fire pit circular, your contractor will want to drive a stake at the center of the future fire pit location. The backyard will be prepared after marking the work area by building a gravel base for the fire pit. To create the base, the contractor will dig a hole in the area marked and pour a substantial amount of crushed gravel paver base into the hole so that the base will be approximately five inches thick. They will also ensure that the base layer is level.

Constructing the Fire Pit

The next step in the fire pit installation process is laying out the fire pit. This process involves laying the first layer of the blocks for the fire pit on top of the level gravel base. Depending on the materials you want to use, they may need to add leveling sand beneath the lower blocks to keep the levels even. After the first row is completed, the contractor will want to double-check the layer in several areas to make sure everything is even and solid.

Testing the Fire Pit Bowl

Depending on the type of materials you use, the next part of the fire pit installation process involves testing and inserting the fire pit bowl. Because fire pit bowls come in various shapes and sizes, it is essential to choose the correct one that is compatible with the size of the fire pit. After the second row of the fire pit has been temporarily laid out, your contractor will want to fit the fire pit bowl inside to make sure the lip rests entirely on the edge. Finally, it is secured in place with blocks and construction adhesive.

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