The decision to change up your home’s landscape is a big one. You do not want just anyone working on your property as your landscape is a major contributing factor in your home’s curb appeal.

The first part of changing or updating your home’s landscape is to hire a Florida landscape designer. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should look into.

1. Reviews

After you have done some research and have narrowed down the list to a few landscape designers in Georgia, the next thing you should do is find some reviews.

The reviews you find can be online or they can even be from your friends and family. If you know someone who has personally worked with the company before you may even be able to see the work in person.

Online reviews can only help so much as they come from strangers you are trusting (it is a good place to start, however). If possible, ask the Florida landscape designer to provide a reference for a previous client. This way you can talk to the client directly and find out how their experience went.

2. Experience

Speaking of experience, you will want to know how much experience your Florida landscape designer has when it comes to the particulars of your project. You will also want to check out their portfolio to ensure they can really bring your ideas to life. Their portfolio will also provide a glimpse into the types of work they are most comfortable with and the kinds of clients they are used to.

Some companies will even allow you to do a job site visit. This means you will have the chance to visit a current job site and see how the team works and what you can expect. If the landscape design company cannot accommodate a job site visit do not be discouraged as this could be due to the confidentiality and security of their current client. It is always good to ask.

3. The Contract

Before signing any kind of contract it is important that you thoroughly read through it. This will also give you clear expectations regarding price and timelines. Remember the contract can be changed prior to signing it. You may want specific materials used or have a hard deadline. If the design company is unable to meet those needs do not sign the contract. This is also a good time to negotiate and adjust the specifics.

Once you are both happy with the contract then you will sign it and start preparing for your new landscape.

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Your home is your pride and joy and you want to be comfortable whenever you are there. If you have come to notice that you are unhappy with your surroundings, it may be time for a redesign.

You will need the professional help of a Florida landscape designer to bring new life into your home, and when you do, hire the professionals from Patriot Landscape. Call us today at (850-517-0112) to discuss your landscaping needs or use the Request an Estimate form online. We can bring new life to your home.