You may not think there is much you can do when it comes to concrete paver installation ideas but there is a wide range of things that pavers can be used for. Pavers are used for a range of structures around the home from driveways and walkways to patios and platforms.

With them being so versatile, your home will truly stand out from the rest. During a concrete paver installation, you will be able to choose from different sizes, shapes, and colors. This means that you create unique and fun designs that showcase your personality.


When you hire a professional hardscaper you will be given the option to install lighting elements into your concrete paver.

Lighting can set the mood in any circumstance and also helps with safety for yourself and your guests. You do not want someone tripping as they are making their way around your yard. Discuss lighting when you are looking for a concrete paver installation. Although this may seem like a small addition it can make a huge difference in your home.


You can use a platform for a variety of things such as playing with flower pots or decorative statues. Pavers allow you the freedom to create a platform in any space that you want.

If you have a patio that you are considering expanding, you can easily do so by creating a platform using pavers. And if you have a garden or other greenery you want to be displayed, a platform can do the trick.


Concrete pavers can be used to create different patterns on your patio, driveway, or walkway. If you have a concept for a concrete paver installation idea, it is best to hire a professional paver to ensure your idea is executed to perfection and you truly get a unique design. Many pavers you see can be large in size and fairly bland. However, pavers also come in small sizes and different colors. This means you can space them apart and create patterns using small pavers.

You can also arrange the pavers in a circular pattern which can make it seem as though you have a courtyard in a small space. This also helps you break up space and designate areas in your yard more effectively. Your guests will love having different areas in your yard to mingle and spend time with each other.

Other Ideas

Pavers are so versatile that you can bring any idea to life. You can coordinate large and irregular-shaped pavers in fun and unique designs. You can make funky pathways with twists and turns that will very likely increase your property’s appeal.

If you have a playhouse, you can add a small platform to make it seem more realistic and can even mimic the design you have on the rest of your home. You can also separate your garden from the rest of your yard using pavers.

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